What is iLife?

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iLife is the initial name of Apple Creativity Apps which are created to help Mac OS X and mobile iOS users manage different media like images, music files, and movie downloads. At its current version, the iLife suite features three basic applications namely iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. These applications have special versions for Mac OS x users and mobile product users like those that own iPads and iPhones. Through this creativity bundle, Apple product users will be able to manage, edit, and or publish their favorite pictures, songs, and movies.

The video management tool of iLife is called iMovie. This particular application is part of the iLife suite since 1999.  Through iMovie, users can easily create their own movies or edit existing movie clips.  With an easy-to-use interface, iMovie is considered a simple but effective creativity tool in terms of video editing, management, and publishing. The latest version of iMovie is a hit among internet users because instant sharing to social networks is now made possible.  Audio editing has also been enhanced along with new features like People Finder, movie trailer options, and new themes for sports and news.  iPhoto is another free future of iLife and it features photo editing and management tools.  Apple also offers printing services for chosen photos or albums that are managed on iPhoto.  The latest iPhoto tools include new slideshow options, enhancements on Facebook connectivity, direct email option, and the Big leap feature in books.  GarageBand is iLife’s music editing tool.  Through Garageband novice and expert users can easily create their own type of music or edit existing playlists.  In Garageband, tools such as Groove-matching automatically detect and repairs inconsistencies in music tempo making it a very user-friendly music management and editing tool.  There is also the Flex time tool and additional guitar and piano lessons which are included in GarageBand’s latest edition.

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