What is ILA?

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What is ILA?
ILA stands for the Institute of Legislative Action. It is part of the NRA or National Rifle association and functions as its lobbying arm in the US Congress for the rights protection of gun owners in America. It was formed in 1975 with the main task of “lobbying” in Congress to preserve the rights of lawful gun owners in terms of possession, use, and purchase of firearms as protected and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States in its 2nd Amendment.

The National Rifle Association of America was established back in 1871 with advocacies relating to gun ownership. The organization promotes gun ownership, gun use and safety, and aims to protect hunting and self-defense activities across the US. The NRA is involved with promoting legal gun use across America. They organize activities such as firearm safety training courses to educate people on the proper use of their guns. Various competitions are also held every year to feature marksmanship and shooting sports. It also involves itself in various schools in the form of gun clubs to promote their advocacy among the younger generation of Americans.

Through the ILA, the NRA is considered by congress as one of the most influential or powerful lobbying organizations across the US. Many have even pointed fingers at the NRA for too much influence on political appointments. Much of the NRA’s influence on the political scene stems from the fact that the ILA actively participates in the election activities of every US state. It spreads its advocacy and promotes those candidates who they believe can uphold and respect the US Constitution’s Second Amendment.

Despite many critics, the NRA continues to grow in terms of membership. To date, this organization boasts of 4 million members. Through the ILA, the organization will continue to protect the civil rights of gun owners.

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