What is IKYP?

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IKYP is short for “I’ll keep you posted” and is often used by various people in online communications. IKYP is one of many acronyms and so-called internet slang or urban language that evolved over the modern times. The use of the internet have become widespread and popular since its inception and along with its popularity, users from around the world have found and discovered more creative ways to communicate with each other. One such creativity is the use of acronyms in online conversations. Instead of having to type a whole sentence or phrase, many people now prefer to use shortened words and terms including acronyms like IKYP.

Acronyms are not new to the internet generation but they have become the latest tools in terms of internet language or urban lingo. What probably started as a craze over mobile text messaging, the use of acronyms like IKYP have spilled over to various internet platforms like online forums, chat rooms, and social networking sites. In terms of mobile phone texting services, the use of acronyms became a practical tool as it enabled users to shorten messages to fit in the allotted number of characters per message. With this kind of limitation, people have eventually resorted to shortened sentences and used acronyms to communicate with their friends or family. In the case of IKYP, it simply means “I’ll keep you posted”. With the use of IKYP, one person doesn’t have to explain in detail certain issues that were previously talked or chatted about. Ending a chat with IKYP is somewhat obvious that one person will just update the other on their concern. For text messaging, the use of IKYP is more economical as it won’t consume the maximum allotted characters. For users, using acronyms will also make communication faster.

With the popularity of using IKYP and other acronyms over mobile texting services, people have eventually took advantage of its convenience when using online platforms like chat rooms and social media sites. Being able to understand IKYP and other shortened phrases is also considered a ‘cool’ thing for people who belong to the internet generation.

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