What Is IIP3?

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What Is IIP3?
In the world of telecommunications, it is important to keep on improving what technology has already been in existence. This is the main reasons why there are a lot of techniques done in order to further what has been invented already. In doing so, it is important to make use of computations and mathematics as these two have a great effect on the outcome of the endeavor. In fact, one of the most important computations done is the IIP3 or the third- order interception point. This is a pure mathematical concept. Its main goal is to measure weak nonlinear systems and devices. Say for instance in amplifiers and mixers. This goal of IIP3 is to relate nonlinear products as caused by the third non-linear term towards the linearly amplified signal.
Important Points to Remember When Dealing With IIP3;

  • The use of IIP3 will provide information as to how the receiver performs when placed in nearby strong signals.
  • When you want to determine the IIP3 of superheterodyne receiver, you can use two test frequencies falling under the first intermediate.
  • The intercept point concept actually provides no meaning at all for nonlinear systems. An example would be an output signal clipped because of limited voltage supply. In short, the said concept cannot hold true here.
  • The IIP3 is not directly measurable.
  • You can use IIP3 interchangeably with the 1 dB compression point to define the upper limit of an amplifier’s dynamic range.
  • Some other computations also play an important role in the world of telecommunications. All these will provide clues that will lead to developments in this field.

Indeed, the computation using IIP3 has already brought different advancements in the world of telecommunication. It might not appeal to you, but for those who constantly work in this field; it really means a lot.

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