What is IGGY?

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Iggy is a global social network that was established to help and guide gifted young people aged 13- 18 to hone their talents and reach their full potential. Iggy is a member of University of Warwick which gives the students access to academic resources and chance to talk, work, and have fun with other gifted children around the world.

Iggy offers the same benefits and experience as a school would provide, only that it specializes for gifted children. It also aims to teach and encourage its students to learn about independent learning, critical thinking as well as learning and working with others. Unlike with a regular educational medium, Iggy don’t have a standard curriculum. They let their students and members to choose and decide which tools and media they want to engage with. This gives the students the chance to focus more on their interests and personalize their learning experience.

Iggy doesn’t require a student to take a test to prove that he or she is a gifted child. They only require a recommendation from the student’s teacher that the student is truly a part of the society’s top 5%. If ever the child is home- schooled or there is no available academic instructor to prove the child’s giftedness, the student can still apply in Iggy with the use of different formal assessment results or work portfolio.

Due to misconception that gifted children usually comes from middle to upper class of the society, Iggy clears that their institution is not an elitist. The y strive to ensure that any student who has the potential to perform in the top 5% can be accepted in Iggy despite of their socio- economic status. They take into consideration the students who have limited resources for them to discover and realize their true potential as a gifted child.

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