What is IGB?

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What is IGB?
IGB is an acronym for ‘Integrated Genome Browser’. To summarize it in general it is basically visualization for genome scale data. This browser is able to work on any computer. Features of IGB are that it is interactive and scrollable. Also users are able to zoom in with ease. It works great when users need to explore sets including next generation sequence results and tiling array data.

Currently, IGB is an open source that is funded by the public. However, when it first came out it was not this way at all. When the software was first released, Affymetrix, Inc was the one who funded it. In 2004 they decided to donate the software to the community. From 2004 to 2008 the community developers were the ones who volunteered their time to help make IGB even better than it already was. Then in 2008 the National Science Foundation decided to contribute some funds to the software so it could be developed more quickly.

Over the years IGB has underwent a lot of different changes. However, it still remains free for the public to use. For this program to work users must have a version of Java which is 1.6 or higher. There are multiple ways to access this program. However, the easiest way to get started is to download the software using Java Web Start. After IGB has finished downloading it will start automatically.

When users go to a site to download the program they will be able to find step by step directions on how everything works if it is needed. Also they will be able to find questions and answers section as well. Both of these sections can be found to be very helpful. Also there will be a contact form available if any additional help is needed.

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