What is iFrame?

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What is iFrame?
IFrame is short for inline frame. It is a HTML document that is found inside of another HTML document on websites. It is most common used is to add content from other places to a website. A good example of this would be an advertisement. Some people get it confused with an online imagine because of its actions however iFrame has its own toolbar.

Applications such as Google Maps are known for using iFrame. IFrame can easily be changed without having to reload the web page. However, iFrame is also used by hackers. Just a couple of years ago hackers were able to insert an iFrame code into some well known websites to redirect users to a virus.

A lot of people have a lot of mixed feelings about iFrame. The mixed feelings result because they offer a very convenient and fast way to include one HTML page in another HTML page however they are not considered the best way to do this. Some people also get iFrame confused with the basic frame based sites. However, iFrames are completely different from general frames. They differ because general frames are most commonly used to structure a page. Also they have a menu bar that is down the side.

People also tend to use iFrame because they need to separate the different content because it is too large. So by them using iFrame it allows their users to be able to scroll through the page more independently. Different people have different reasons for why they use them however this is one of the general uses of iFrame.

If one is confused about how to actually get started using iFrames it is recommended to search the web. There are plenty of people who have sites about this particular format. There are even some tutorials available that can guide users step by step.

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