What is “IFF” in Jersey Shore?

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What is ‘IFF’ in Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore is a popular TV show in the U.S. especially among teenagers.  The show’s characters have become huge celebrities in the U.S. and became popular, not only for their looks, but also for the urban lingo that they frequently used on the show.  Many parts of the conversations between characters of Jersey Shore include new terms and so-called Internet slang including the term ‘IFF.’

‘IFF’ literally stands for ‘I’m Fucked Foundation,’ and it is used by the characters in the show to point out that they are in the worst possible position, or they have the most depressing circumstances going on in the world.  Like in the case of a guy who gets cheated on by his girlfriend in a public place, for example, this particular guy could blurt out ‘IFF’ as a form of disgust or disbelief.  Or this expression could also be applied to the one who is cheating.  In this case, a friend could tell the cheating person that he/she is officially a member of the ‘IFF’ or ‘I’m Fucked Foundation’ because of his/her wrongdoing.  In this latter example, being part of the ‘fucked foundation’ may mean having a hard time when the boyfriend or girlfriend finds out about the cheating.

Aside from its use in relationships, ‘IFF’ can also be used in some other situations.  Students that are unable to do their homework, for example, could express their frustration or worry when they go to school by saying they have just become part of the ‘IFF.’  Workers who get caught dozing off at their desks may also use ‘IFF’ as an expression.

With expressions like ‘IFF’ and various others, Jersey Shore has become a big hit for many U.S. teens. Some older people have reservations for the hit show, though, because of the foul language used by various characters, including the expression ‘IFF.’

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