What is idolatry?

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Idolatry refers to the worship or acts of reverence towards a certain idol, image, or thing.  Many religious groups across the world prohibit all activities that supposedly relate to idolatry. There are some people who argue though that the act of worship may at first glance be idolatrous but the actual act is not actually geared towards an object or idol for example but rather on the real god or saint for example.  For most people, idolatry is viewed as some kind of worship or prayer towards religious statues, images, and other things.  For other people, the mere act of praying to or giving reverence to something or someone other than God is considered an act of idolatry.

Aside from the typical religious symbols and images like statues of saints and pictures of angels and gods, many experts also point to other forms of idolatry.  The act of worship or prayer towards other things and animals are also considered idolatrous in nature. Some religious groups for example give reverence to certain animals like cows and sheep for example and praying to their images and sculptures are also considered a form of idolatry.  Some experts also include the use of religious symbols as one way of being idolatrous.

There are also people who define idolatry with a wider point of view and that the acts to honor other things other than God are considered idolatrous.  As long as the actual worship or honor is given to other things instead of God then it is considered a form of idolatry.  These things include the worship towards money, power, and pleasure among many others.  Some people are simply too consumed about these so-called earthly desires and it would always seem like that they worship material things and evil desires instead of focusing their energies towards God.  For some experts, worship in these forms also constitutes idolatry.

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