What is iDisk?

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iDisk refers to a .Mac feature that allows users to have a personal storage in the secure servers of Apple. The information and data that is copied to the iDisk are guaranteed to be safe and can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Through this feature, it is also easier for users to share documents with others and to remotely access huge files that cannot be attached to emails.

The basic membership to .Mac includes a 1 gigabyte (GB) storage space that can be allocated between the .Mac email account and the iDisk. There is also an option to increase the amount of storage to 2 GB or 4GB for a price. The iDisk can be accessed through the Finder by clicking Go, then iDisk, and finally My Disk.

The iDisk is basically composed of 10 folders, and 11 folders for those who have a Family Pack account. These folders include Documents, Pictures, Music, Movies, Public, Groups, Sites, Library, Backup, Software, and Shared. The first four are self-explanatory. For the Public folder, the user can share files in here with anyone on the internet who knows the .Mac name and password (if there is any) of the user. On the other hand, the Groups folder enables people to share files only with .Mac Groups members. The iDisk also contains a Sites folder, which contains the Web pages that the user created through the HomePage feature of .Mac.

There are also folders on iDisk called the Library, which consists of files for the Sync feature; Backup folder containing backed up files; and Software folder, which is consisted of programs, files, and software that are only accessible for .Mac members. Finally, the Shared folder, which is only available for those with a Family Pack membership, contains files that are accessible to people with the master account and subaccounts. Just like in any other types of folders, important digital files can be moved and stored in these folders through simple drag and drop.

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