What is IcyHot used for?

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IcyHot is a brand of topical agent that is used for the treatment of mild to moderate muscle and joint pains. Produced by Chattern, a part of Sanofi group, IcyHot is available in various preparations including balms, creams, sticks, and medical patches. Recent variants of this popular topical analgesic agent include gels and sprays. Most people use IcyHot to treat pain in their joints or muscles for examples.

Most IcyHot variants contain menthol or methyl salicylate as the active ingredients. These two substances are known to have analgesic effects which are effective against mild to moderate pain. People with muscle sprains for example may use IcyHot products to help soothe away the pain and discomfort brought about by muscle inflammation. In the same way, patients with arthritic conditions may also get relief from IcyHot as it can also relieve the pain in the joints which are common for these ailments.

IcyHot products are best known for their so-called dual effect of providing coolness and warmth. The cool feeling will be felt at first and this feeling will help reduce the sensation of pain. Once the cold tapers off, a warm feeling will follow and this warmth will then help soothe the inflammatory changes in the soft tissues like the muscles and joints for example. The warmth of the IcyHot product will also help relax tense muscles that are commonly associated with soft tissue injuries and conditions such as sprains and arthritis. Depending on the condition and site of the pain or sprain, various IcyHot products may be used by people. For convenience, some people prefer to use IcyHot creams and balms. These variants can easily be applied on various parts of the body making them very convenient for pain relief. For people who prefer not to have some sticky creams or balms on their skin, they may also opt for the medicated patches.

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