What is iCloud?

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iCloud refers to a cloud-computing or virtual storage system offerred by Apple Inc. since 2011. Using the iCloud service enables Apple device users to share pictures, videos, and documents across various devices by means of having a virtual storage space provided by Apple Inc. Through iCloud, data on one Apple device like the iPhone may be stored virtually or “on the cloud” and be retrieved later by another compatible device as long as there is an online connection. Through iCloud storage services, people basically need not worry about retrieving or storing files on all their devices for possible future use. All they need to do is to virtually store their files via the iCloud and have the service sync all files for them. As long as the devices use are compatible and installed with the iCloud app, one may see pictures and videos at a later time with this virtual storage service.

The main feature of iCloud is the seamless storage and retrieval of pictures across different Apple devices. For people that use iOS versions 5 and later, they can easily synchronize files along with compatible computers like those that run on OS X Lion and newer versions. With the iCloud service, content can be synced across multiple devices but the same service can also become very useful even with just a single device. Having a virtual storage space means that one doesn’t have to locally store files in one’s mobile phone or device as it may eat up a lot of space. By connecting to one’s iCloud account, one can retrieve stored files over the internet making it a convenient way to access different files anytime and anywhere.

iCloud also lets people do the sharing of files with various friends and family members. A favorite family video for example can easily be viewed by various members of the family at any time and at different locations via the iCloud service. The same service can also be used as a means of backing up important files on one’s mobile phone or device.

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