What is Ichat?

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With the evolution of smart phones in the mobile industry, every app is coming up with some new innovation and exciting feature. As android has its own separate entities of features and applications, Apple is totally a whole new world. With innovation, it always comes up with such applications that are easy to use for the consumers and has multiple features within one application. Ichat was introduced by Apple for an easy instant messaging service. Not only instant messaging, it also offered audio, screen sharing and video sharing features that made this application even more attractive for the apple users.


Ichat enables the users to to hear and see their friends and family, even they are far away. You can enjoy the features of texting, video chat, audio chat and many more. For a better usage of ichat, the user only needs to have an internet connection and accounts on applications such as MobileMe, Googletalk, Jabber or Yahoo. The second version of ichat was introduced in 2003, with the name ichat AV. The first version did not have the features of audio and video, so this feature of ichat was introduced with the exciting features of audio and video conferencing. The third version ichat AV 2 was introduced in 2004, adding the features of video chat having a great compatibility with with Apple’s ichat AV. AOL instant messenger was also brought forward with the feature of video chat. This version was very easy to use for window users. Ichat AV 3 was launched in 2004. The innovative thing about this version was that it managed to allow four people in a video conference and a limit of 10 people for audio conference. As apple is famous for bringing innovation in its every new product, so following this strategy, it launched ichat AV 4 with an added feature of screen sharing.

These applications have made our lives much easier and now within few seconds we can hear or see our family and friends who are far away from us.

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