What is ICD-494-CM coding?

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What is ICD-494-CM coding?
ICD-494-CM coding or code refers to the disease code for “Bronchiectasis” under the ICD or International Classification of Diseases system. “494” represents the number of bronchiectasis in the system and “CM” stands for “clinical modification” which is part of the extension to the 9th revision of this disease classification system.

The ICD or International Classification of Diseases (or International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) is a system developed by the World Health Organization to help in data gathering for statistical purposes, to aid in medical reimbursement processes, and promote automation of medical support. This classification system is developed to have an international standard when handling statistical data. Under the ICD, various medical conditions, diseases, signs, symptoms, and other medical data are grouped and assigned into different categories with corresponding numeric values or codes. Main disease categories are further subdivided into different sub-categories to group similar diseases with similar codes. In the case of code 494, it is part of a bigger category for codes 460-519 which is labeled as the category for diseases of the respiratory system.

The ICD is modified and revised periodically with the latest edition at its 10th revision. The ICD-494-CM coding is part of the system’s 9th revision or ICD9 involving the “CM” or clinical modification feature. ICD-9 was published by the World Health Organization back in 1977. The “CM” system was developed to assign codes to diseases that involve inpatient, outpatient, and doctor’s office use in the US. The “CM” system also served as an extension the existing ICD-9 system to better handle statistical data, especially those of morbidity. Under ICD-9-CM, codes for various procedures were also added under volume 3. Under the 2011 ICD-9-CM classification system, the 494 code for bronchiectasis is further sub-divided into 494.0 to represent bronchiectasis without acute exacerbation and 494.1 to represent bronchiectasis with acute exacerbation.

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