What is IBS?

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What is IBS?
IBS is a short form of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This disorder mostly affects the smooth functioning of the bowels. This is also named as Spastic Colon. There will be a change in the normal functions of the colon. The main symptoms of the disorder are pain in the abdomen and muscular cramps .In some people the disorder is characterized by a change in the frequency of the bowel movements. The patient is not free from diarrhea also. IBS can bring a lot of mental stress and discomfort to the person. The condition is not as serious or dangerous as cancer. The patient may not be able to travel or work properly. The cause for the IBS still remains undiscovered.

Women are more prone to IBS rather than men. With the onset of the disorder the patient loses control over the bowel movements. The colon of the person will show increased sensitivity. As a result it reacts to certain foods. It affects the immune system also. According to a survey, one out of every five adults in US suffer from IBS. Diets and proper medication can bring relief to a patient even though there is no cure. In IBS the interaction between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract become abnormal. The symptoms may persist for about a period of 12 weeks. Medicines such as laxatives can provide relief to a certain extent. Intake of fiber supplements can also help. There is no diagnostic test till date for this disorder. Doctors confirm the disease after taking into account the complete medical history of the patient. Some diagnostic tests are being performed. Negativity to all those tests can confirm IBS on the basis of symptoms.

The disease can change the quality of the life of the sufferer. Yoga and meditation can also calm down the patients. People are seeking other means to get rid of this because its lacks proper medical cure.

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