What is IBM?

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What is IBM?
IBM is one of the pioneer technology companies that greatly contributed to the development of the computer as we know it today. This technology company was founded in 1911 and has its headquarters in New York City in the United States. Though rarely used, the company is officially registered as International Business Machines and most people prefer to use the shorted version which is IBM. The company is involved in the production of computer hardware, software as well as in the provision of other technology products and services. IBM has over the years enjoyed great success and dominance in the information technology sector. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has been one of the strongest securities that have been trading in its sector as well as the market. In recent years the company has encountered the stiffest competition as many other technology companies come up.

IBM is one of the largest global employers in the technology sector with over 400,000 working in offices located in more than 200 countries around the world. These employees include engineers, scientists, sales professionals and consultants. IBM has built a reputation of being very sales oriented and has been on various occasions been described as being sales centric. Most of the top executives and managers working for IBM today are drawn from the sales department. This has been one of the main reasons for the success that IBM has managed during its years of operation. IBM has a diverse work force that has been put together through strict non discriminatory policies.

Like many other corporations, IBM has a nick name whose origin is still not very clear. Big Blue has been in use to refer to IBM since sometime around 1960. Some say that the nick name was as a result of the blue color that seemed to be uniform on almost all IBM hardware. Others have claimed that the nick name came from the company logo which is blue with another group suggesting that it is attributed to the previous dress code which had most employees dressing in blue suits. Whatever the true origin of the nick name, it has caught on and is especially popular among those in the technology sector. The nick name has also led to loyal IBM customers being called True Blues.

The company is involved in almost all technology related fields such as software development, hardware manufacturing, infrastructure, hosting and many others. The company operates nine research centers in various parts of the world and has a good number of subsidiaries that are supporting its business endeavors. In addition to this the company also has an outstanding record in environmental matters and corporate responsibility. There have been serious efforts to reduce waste in both manufacturing and non manufacturing processes. IBM is also deeply involved in developing solar powered solutions in a move that seeks to encourage the use of green energy. IBM continues to be a major player in the IT industry and this is a fact appreciated by shareholders, clients, employees and the competition.

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