What is iAtkos?

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What is iAtkos?
iAtkos is one of the build of Mac Operating System which can be installed in non Apple hardware. It is a Leopard non-Apple Hardware Operating System. It’s fully patched and there is no need to download patches and updates from internet. iAtkos can be considered as an emulated clone of MAC Operating System to run on non Apple hardware. iAtkos is one among the famous non-Apple hardware builds of MAC Operating System.

If you install iAtkos, the first time boot will take more time than usual boot of MAC Operating System. Some time it can take up to 5 minutes depending on the configuration of the computer. Minimum requirement to install iAtkos are compatible motherboard, Intel SSE2 CPU, 15GB free disk space, 512 MB RAM and a compatible VGA card. iAtkos can be run on AMD also. But you need to make the build accordingly.

Laptop or computer installed with this kind of Operating System is called Hakintosh. This name is the combination of names Hack and Mackintosh. Apple license does not allow to install Mac Operating System on non Apple hardware. Companies such as Psystar and pearC disputed this license and tried to release products on non Apple machines using MAC Operating System. Installation of MAC OS in non apple machine is forbid by MAC OS X EULA.

MAC OS X can be installed on the local non Apple machine using some patches from internet. MAC OS X is developed to run only in PowerPC architecture machines. It’s very difficult to make it compatible to run in x86 architecture. Apple machines are optimized to run MAC OS X. But x86 systems are not optimized to run it. So it needs to add a more powerful processor to run MAC OS X in non apple machines. It asks for at least 2 GB RAM and 15GB hard disk space to install iAtkos OS.

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