What is IATA?

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What is IATA?
IATA or the International Air Transport Association is an international group of airlines organized for the promotion of safety, reliability, security, and economical air travel. The beneficiaries are the air travel consumers around the world. In short, the International Air Transport Association or IATA commits to provide safer flying concern for the airline consumers.

As of present, the international trade group is comprised of more than 230 members. The association has its presence in more than 150 countries and has 101 operating offices across the globe. The head office of the association is situated in Montreal, Canada and the some executive offices can be located in Geneva Airport in the country of Switzerland.

IATA was established with a mission of representing, leading and serving the world’s airline industry. IATA set and defined the international rules and regulations for airlines. Aside from providing safety and security of transport for its passengers, IATA has also detailed intentions and objectives. Below are some of the detailed objectives of the association.

  • Secure and economical flights for the people of the world
  • Promote air transport and look at carefully at the problems related therewith
  • Promote cooperation with other air transport endeavors directly or indirectly connected to international air transport services
  • Close cooperation with International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO and some other international associations
  • To be able to fulfill IATA’s objectives, its organization is split into different divisions. The various divisions of IATA are appointed to perform specific tasks.

    The traffic department is responsible for providing discussions about traffic coordination. Moreover, it serves as a key source of information regarding air traffic. The department is also responsible for consolidating reporting and billing of sales from agents. Travel agents and air cargo shippers are also provided training by the traffic department. The traffic department also provides resolution to traffic scheduling and airmail industry issues.

    IATA also has a legal department, which is responsible for giving out expert legal advice in accordance to the airline perspective. Moreover, the department is also tasked to publish and distribute information on all issues regarding legal or issues with regulatory matters.

    The technical department is responsible for the development of the airline industry standards. This includes safety among handicapped passengers, provision of medical standards for airline crew and assist on passenger travel. The technical department is also coordinates with international organizations and governments to discuss issues on illegal activities such as terrorism, drug and human smuggling. To counter such illegal acts, thorough check of international documents is being done.

    IATA also has the Government and Industry Affairs Department, which is responsible for lobbying international organizations as well as different governments for the purpose of promoting and defending interests of airlines on schedule. It also promotes low-cost programs for training staff from different nations’ airlines.

    The Industry Automotive and Financial Services Department is the unit responsible for overseeing and maintaining standard procedures to a continuous flow of cargoes, baggage, as well as passengers. The unit also provides statistical data for the use airline management to serve as a guide for planning.

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