What is IAB?

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What is IAB?

‘IAB’ stands for ‘Internet Architecture Board,’ and it represents a group of people who are in charge with overseeing the so-called evolution and development of the Internet.  Back in 1979, the IAB was first referred to as the Internet Configuration Control Board and was part of the research projects agency of the U.S.’s National
Defense Department. It was renamed several times thereafter until it finally became the Internet Architecture Board starting in the year 1992.  By then, the IAB transformed into an international and public entity or agency from its original roots as part of the U.S. government under the Department of National Defense.

Part of the IAB’s main role is in the oversight of Internet standards, particularly the processes and developments that are involved with it.  Anything that is involved with Internet-related processes, concerns, issues, and development is administered or is coursed through the Internet Architecture Board or IAB.  It is also through the Internet Architecture Board that people can make appeals or file complaints against other people or entities that have committed violations in terms of standards and official Internet procedures and processes.  So in cases where a person or an organization wants to report some improper activities done by other agencies, for example, they may contact the IAB with their concerns.  The IAB also works closely with various other groups including the ISOC or Internet Society, the IESG or Internet Engineering Steering Group, the IANA or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, and many others.

Members of the Internet Architecture Board, or IAB, also help out officers of the ISOC by giving advice regarding various concerns including technical issues, procedural guidelines, architectural matters, and even policy-related problems. The IAB also serves various other agencies and organizations that are connected to the technical and/or organizational aspects relating to the use of the Internet around the globe.

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