What is Hybrid?

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What is Hybrid?
A hybrid refers to something that is a result of mixing two different parts. It represents a composite or combination of two distinct sources or origins. This term can be applied to a variety of fields but it basically refers to the result of the union of two dissimilar things or subjects.

In the field of biology, a hybrid pertains to an animal that is an offspring to two genetically-different species or parents. These hybrid animals are produced in so many different ways but it adheres to the main concept of mixing the characteristics of two other animals to form a new animal. Mules, zonkeys, and ligers are just a few examples of hybrid animals. Mules are the offspring of a female horse and a male donkey. Zonkeys on the other hand are results of combining a zebra and a donkey. Ligers meanwhile are a cross between lions and tigers. Through cross-breeding techniques, new animals or hybrid animals are born with characteristics of both parents.

Hybrid can also be applied in the automobile industry. A hybrid car pertains to a car with two power sources, usually a mix of the standard gas engine and an electric motor. With more and more people pushing for environment-friendly cars, automobile makers and manufacturers have come up with cars that are slowly going “greener” with the use of electric motors. But since most of the world still relies on the gas engine-powered car, manufacturers have created a crossover vehicle by introducing the electronic motor alongside the gas engine. Cars with these two power sources are considered “hybrids” or “hybrid cars” and are gaining popularity nowadays.

The term hybrid may also be applied to other things like basic words. Some words in the English language are said to have come from two distinct languages and have combined to form a single word. This resulting word is called a hybrid word. This term may also be loosely used to refer to a mixture of two different concepts or ideas. Like in the case of a company leader, his functions may involve executive and administrative functions. In this particular case, his position may be considered a hybrid post.

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