What is HWP?

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HWP stands for Height Weight Proportion or Proportional. It is a term used by many people to describe themselves on various online sites like Craigslist for example. This particular site features classified advertisements and online forums on various topics and concerns like job postings, items for sale, community services, and personal services among others. Some people go to Craigslist to meet and chat with other people who may have similar hobbies and interests. When people advertise themselves on Craigslist for example, some use the term or acronym HWP in the description. When a person is labelled as HWP or Height Weight Proportion, it literally refers to the person’s not-so fit or healthy physique. Being HWP is said to mean somebody who is out of shape or chubby but not to the point of extreme obesity.

For many people who frequent social media sites and other sites like Craigslist, interacting with other people may start of with details about the other person’s looks. Instead of describing oneself as not so fat or quite chubby, more people have used HWP as their main description. The average person who doesn’t exercise and don’t have the body of an athlete or regular gym person is considered to be Height Weight Proportional. For some, this term simply refers to people who are quite fat and those who live sedentary lifestyles. People with bulging bellies and big thighs and those that seem to be quite overweight may be labelled with the HWP term. People that consider themselves as HWP often emphasize that they are not extremely obese and that they belong to another category in terms of physique or body built.

When people are asked online about their physical activities or their weight, many people would simply lie or blurt out that they belong to the HWP category. Some may be confused by the actual meaning of HWP but many have generalized this term as referring to those who are overweight but not extremely obese or fat.

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