What is hump day?

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Hump day is the day of the week that is supposedly similar to a hump because of the pressures and activities of that particular day. In most cultures around the world where Sunday is the first day of the calendar and Monday is the first day of the work week, Wednesday is considered the hump day. The whole work week is likened to a climb because of things to do and projects to complete. Employees are said to start their work climb by Monday and reach the peak of the hill by mid-week or Wednesday. With this idea, many people think of Wednesday as hump day.

As with many workers across the globe, the work week is typically a mixture of ups and downs and this explains why many would compare it with climbing hills or mountains for example. In a typical week, Monday may be the most dreaded part for most people because it signals the start of another week full of tasks to do and accomplish. But Monday is typically only the start of the so-called uphill climb. The tasks and things to do, including the stress, are said to increase as the week progresses. By mid-week or Wednesday, people are said to have reached the peak of the hill. With this idea, Wednesday has been touted as the hump day for workers across the world.

Many people have disputed the idea though that Wednesday is the actual hump day. This is especially applicable to those who work on irregular schedules and those who don’t start to work on a Monday. some people have mid-weeks on Thursdays or Fridays for example and for them hump day may not necessarily be Wednesday. Regardless whether it is a Wednesday or not, hump day is universally thought of the day in the week that the supposed work-week climb is at its peak or highest. From there, people’s activities at work are said to simmer down and taper off as workers start their descent on Thursday and rest by the end of Friday.

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