What is HTML?

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The internet is today arguably the biggest resource for information, entertainment and communication. It is also the single largest source and venue for business, processing and transactions which are worth billions per every few hours. If there is anything you are looking for it is more than likely to be found on the internet. There are many tools and applications that are used in putting together the content found on the internet. You may have wondered about these tools and applications and may even be familiar with some of them. Here we shall be looking at HTML which is one of the most widely used of these tools and applications.

HTML is an abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the most commonly used computer language that is applied when posting files on the internet. It involves the insertion of codes or markup symbols that make it possible for files to be accessed on a browser. These markups contain instructions for the World Wide Web on how to display images, text and other media on a web page. The browser does not display these markups but rather uses them to interpret and display the content on a web page. Hyper text is the navigation aspect of the language which is used to move around the internet where there are special kinds of text known as hyperlinks which will take you to any page on the internet simply by clicking on them. The markups dictate how content will be displayed and thus the name of this type of language Hyper Text Markup Language.

The use of HTML started around 1990 where it was initially used as a system to share documents among a particular group. There has been immense work put into the development of the language from its initial form to the current version which has immense capabilities. Interestingly though, the higher versions of HTML are simpler to use as compared to those of the past. Today it does not require much training to be able to apply HTML, you will need to do some reading to learn the codes that are used and in a few hours you could begin to practice applying them to create a basic web page. Advances will require further learning and practice and you could be a HTML expert in a short time though learning the language alone does not qualify you as a website designer since there are other skills required such as graphic design when looking to produce an excellent website.

There are several features that have made HTML popular with its ease of use being among the top reasons for its preference. There are also many applications that facilitate in the generation of HTML files. You will also find that updating files is a simple process that can be done by someone other than the original web page developer. However there are some security concerns with HTML pages and they are not very reliable for use in websites that require higher security. There are variations of HTML that have been developed to cater for this purpose.

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