What is HTML used for?

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What is HTML used for?
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a form of computer language commonly used in creating Internet or webpages. And just like any other computer language, it uses codes and syntax that correspond to a variety of display instructions and applications.

Since it is called a markup language, HTML allows for formatting of text in terms of size, color, or font to give it a design or artistic twist. This same concept has led its use in making and designing web pages.

HTML started in 1990 as the official language of the World Wide Web. It was originally used for its “hyperlink” features wherein users will click on a particular word and will be transported or redirected to the ‘linked’ website location of the said word. Eventually, more and more users used the language because it was considered easy and simple to learn. This led to the development of internet browsers, which have the capability to display HTML pages or documents.

But HTML then only allowed the display of static messages. And so many companies developed and used other programs to incorporate “moving” objects on webpages. Some used GIF animations and the JavaScript language to add some interactivity to the webpages. Many web browsers also incorporated their own codes into HTML to enhance their own browser’s functionalities. But this development led to some problems in terms of webpage display across different browsers and platforms. Some webpage content may display itself properly on one browser, but may not be viewed correctly on another browser. And so the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) moved to standardize HTML, so it would work properly and display webpages correctly using different browsers.

HTML has since evolved to cater to the ever-growing popularity of the Internet. Many other programs can now be incorporated to different webpages to add more features and increase functionality.

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