What is HTH?

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HTH stands for Hope This Helps and it is a term or phrase used by many people especially on the internet.  When people are communicating through chat rooms, many of them use acronyms and shortened phrases to make things easier and more convenient.  As the phrase suggests, HTH is often used in conversations when somebody has offered another person some kind of help or assistance.  This assistance may be in the form of providing helpful information or detail about various topics.  In the case of a person needing some advice regarding a new computer gadget, he may seek the opinions from various people over the internet.  Those who wish have hands-on experience on the involved computer gadget may give his rating or opinion and type HTH afterwards.  The basic thought is that after an advice is given, using HTH may be used afterwards.

There are also cases wherein HTH may actually be used as form of sarcasm.  In the case of a person that asked a seemingly dumb or easy question, another person may give out an answer and type HTH afterwards.  In this particular case, HTH or hope this helps is used in a sarcastic way and is intended to somewhat criticize the other person for asking a question that presumably requires a very obvious answer.  HTH may also be used when trying to teach another person a lesson when there is oversight involved.  When a person is instructed to do certain tasks for example and is unable to perform all of them, his/her immediate superior may provide him a litany of his/her supposed duties and blurt out HTH during the conversation.  HTH may also be used in conversations as a funny joke or remark to another person.  Offering a funny and dumb advice for example is a situation wherein a person can use HTH in conversations.

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