What is HTC Footprints?

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What is HTC Footprints?
HTC Footprints is an automatic location-based logger application on HTC mobile phones. It is geo-tagging software which enables you to create a diary of places of events. It saves the photo of the location, its address or specific location, its exact coordinates, time, date and even a phone number. You can add voice notes as well. It lets you grasp precious and important details in your life. This is also ideal for any traveler who wouldn’t want to get lost on their way back to those places of interests to them. It tags pictures both taken outdoors and indoors, which is made possible by its built-in GPS that uses cell-ID as a flashback technology.

Choose and download the version of HTC Footprints you prefer and install it. It can also be linked with GPS navigations such as Google Maps, TomTom, PaPaGo, CoPilot and NaviTel. But those applications are not necessarily needed to be able to use HTC Footprints.

Though integrating HTC Footprints with Google Maps is such a very good idea. In the first place, Google Maps is navigation software which is free to use. First, update Google Maps by visiting http://m.google.com/maps, click the download link and then ok when it asks you if you want to download the file. When the installation starts, it will inform you that you can replace the old version of your Google Maps, go ahead and click OK. But it is still your choice if you want to keep the old one. Remember, this must be installed into your phone memory and not your storage card. Your registration with HTC Footprints will fail if you will store it in the storage card. Then turn the power off of your cell phone and turn it back on. Do not forget to install Footprints first or else the Google Maps icon will not appear. First, uninstall Google Maps, then install HTC Footprints and put back that Google Maps which was uninstalled. It will then be installed into Programs- Multimedia. It should work along with all variants of Touchpro and most probably the Diamond as well. On the other hand the push- pin icon represents Google Maps.

Make it a point to enable the GPS hardware in the Maps application (Menu Settings Use GPS). Next to it should be a green tick. Google Maps can be found in the start menu.

Make sure that Google Maps is properly closed. Clicking the top right X will minimize it, properly closing it down is by choosing Menu, scroll down and choose Exit. When taking a photo, click the menu button and you will see X in the upper right. By clicking that, it will properly close the camera.

It also works on various mobile phone software such as Stock ROM on a AT&T Fuze, Stock ROM on a AT&T Fuze, GC’s 2.1.4 ROM on a Sprint Touch Pro, Merdinh 3.2 ROM on a Sprint Touch Pro, PROven 1.4a ROM on a AT&T Fuze and Stock ROM on a Sprint Touch Pro.

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