What is HSM photography?

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What is HSM photography?

HSM photography refers to photography that is done using lenses equipped with HSM technology. HSM stands for Hyper Sonic Motor and with lenses equipped with this new technology, taking advantage of the autofocus function is made quick and very easy. Professional photographers are expected to appreciate the speed of HSM-equipped lenses and beginners or photography enthusiasts will also like its versatility.

The autofocus function of many camera lenses makes it easy to target photo subjects and compose photos with better quality and clarity. Being able to rely on the camera’s handling in terms of focus, the best camera moments can easily be captured regardless if one is a professional or simply a photography enthusiast or hobbyist. A camera’s auto function is one of the most important and helpful functions when it comes to choosing which areas to focus on. When the autofocus function is connected to HSM technology, it makes it even easier and faster to come up with great shots and pictures. Another great thing about HSM is that the activation of the autofocus is so discreet that it is almost silent. Its seemingly passive way of activation contrasts that of its very speed response.
HSM photography is considered the best option when taking quick shots whether they are candid family moments or important sporting events. As its name suggests, the “hyper sonic motor” allows for quick bursts of photo-taking without the risk of the camera sensors from losing focus on the important subject. People with cameras equipped with HSM lenses and sensors will be able to virtually lock the focus point or subject without affecting the picture’s vividness and clarity. The motor and sensors in HSM lenses are fast enough to compensate with possible interference from too many moving parts. Lenses with autofocus functions but are not HSM-equipped may have too many parts that are moving during image focus and this will result to poor image stabilization. HSM equipped lenses meanwhile allow the autofocus function to activate quickly and quietly.

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