What is Hsinchu Park?

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What is Hsinchu Park?

Hsinchu Park is the short name for Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, an area in Taiwan that is home to various, so-called, high technology or semiconductor companies.  This industrial park was established back in 1980 and was patterned after the U.S.’s Silicon Valley where many companies and big players in the tech industry hold their offices and manufacturing plants.  Hsinchu Park today is considered one of the world’s biggest industrial parks particularly in the manufacturing of semiconductors.  This particular area in Taiwan boasts of more than 400 manufacturing plants and offices from different technological sectors including semiconductors, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, and electronics, among many others.

As a big part of Taiwan’s tech and manufacturing sector, all companies located in Hsinchu Park contribute to about ten percent (10%) of the overall GDP or Gross Domestic Product.  This simply means that Hsinchu Park alone provides a huge economic boost to the whole country.  With hundreds of companies located in the same space, it also automatically generated thousands of jobs needed for the operational needs of all tech companies.  Hsinchu Park also served as a gold mine for Taiwan in terms of goods exportation.

Hsinchu City is the area where Hsinchu Park is located.  This particular city used to be called Taiwan’s windy city with one side facing the ocean.  Most of Hsinchu, though, is bordered by mountainous areas.  The city’s economic boom literally started with the creation of the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park.  Since its establishment in the early 1980s, more and more companies have set up their offices and plants in this area, and this eventually led to making Taiwan as one of the world’s top exporters and manufacturers of various tech and/or electronic products.  Hsinchu Park also serves as a model for many of the world’s technology-based or industrial parks.  There are also various educational and research institutions that are located near the park which provide more jobs and technical experience to the many workers in Taiwan.

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