What is HRIS?

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What is HRIS?

HRIS stands for Human Resource Management System.  It refers to a form of tracking system that can be used by human resource departments in almost every aspect or industry.  Through the use of information systems and technology, the HRIS is able to run human resource-related functions smoothly and effectively.  As for many people, the best thing about HRIS is that it can easily be customized to address every need of a specific industry.

In the case of employers who want to keep track of new and existing employees in terms of job training for example, HRIS can provide an easy way to know which employee has completed training and which employee needs to be enrolled for a specific job training program.  Standard modules of the HRIS can be customized and may be incorporated with new sub-modules depending on a company’s needs and preferences.

With the HRIS running, companies in various industries can take advantage of the ease in customization and application.  Employee data and information can easily be managed with HRIS along with basic payroll computation functions, analysis of employee’s personal information, recording of company guidelines and procedures among many others.  With just a few clicks to specific system modules, HR personnel can easily retrieve information from a particular employee and get access to company rules on specific concerns.

It is also said that the best benefit HRIS can offer is that it gives more time to the HR staff to do vital and more important functions.  With easy application and access to information, more time may be allocated for analyzing these information and implementation of HR guidelines and policies.  If for example an employee is in need of sickness benefits and inquires from the HR about it, information on this specific concern can readily be available.  With fast data retrieval, the employee’s concern on his/her sickness will be better addressed.  Overall, the HRIS provides an efficient way for companies to run employee-related services and functions.

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