What is HPOV?

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HPOV is short for HP Open View. It refers to a suite or family of products developed by Hewlett Packard for business network management and systems configuration. Products under HPOV include network node managing software, transaction analysis, storage protection, business process monitoring, networking diagnostics, and overall systems management among many others. By the year 2007, HP Open View was renamed and rebranded to HP BTO Software when all the products included in the suite became under HP’s Software Division.

The first product releases under HPOV were mostly geared towards the UNIX environment. This meant that only businesses and enterprises that have UNIX platforms are the first customers who could take advantage of the business and system management tools provided by HPOV. After the first product releases though, some software components were re-designed to be compatible with the Windows 16-bit OS platform. With this direction, HPOV products were able to reach out to more enterprises. As the products evolved over time, development was also made in terms of having the HPOV product family run under Windows NT.

With HPOV products capable of running in the workgroup environment, the company actually intended for it to be used by larger enterprises. This is the reason why HPOV first targeted the UNIX based platform and then later the Windows NT environments. Big business enterprises typically run on these platforms especially those that are under the HP 9000 and e3000 business classification. Through HPOV, network administrators from its different customers may be able to handle and manage enterprise-wide software applications and network conditions. It is also through HPOV products that network device availability, network performance, storage concerns, and maintenance issues may be managed efficiently. For most networking experts, the best part of HPOV products is that they serve as great monitoring tools in terms of networking status or performance, storage availability and overall maintenance.

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