What is Hot Yoga?

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Hot yoga simply refers to performing yoga routines in a heated room. This type of yoga workout has gained its popularity in North American regions because of the various benefits that it can bring. One of the major benefits of hot yoga includes the detoxification of harmful toxins due to heavy sweating.

In addition, it can also be considered as an intense workout, because exercising in heated conditions increases the heart rate and the workout can help the individual boost his strength and flexibility. Generally, hot yoga can promote relaxation of the body, improve mental concentration and focus, as well as enhance breathing.

Just like the normal type of yoga, there are also different styles of hot yoga, such as the Bikram and Moksha yoga. The Bikram yoga is regarded as the original type of hot yoga, which is performed in studios and involves 26 yoga poses aimed to improve endurance. Moksha yoga, which is popular in the US and Canada, involves working out in studios that make use of eco-friendly flooring options and heating that is energy-efficient.

Before performing hot yoga, it is important for the individual to be aware of his own health. Some of the recommendations for preparing for hot yoga classes include making sure that the body is hydrated by drinking liters of water the entire day and limiting the amount of food eaten before the yoga class. After the yoga workout, it is also advised to replenish the body with electrolytes and other minerals that were lost because of the physical activity. This can be done by drinking fortified beverages, such as coconut water and Gatorade.

People who take hot yoga classes are recommended to exercise at their own pace and avoid going beyond their limitations to prevent developing injuries. Furthermore, extra precautions are advised for those who have heart problems, suffering from low blood pressure and high blood pressure, as well as pregnant women.

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