What is hopsack?

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Hopsack refers to a fabric that is loosely woven.  The technique involved in weaving hopsack fabric results in a coarse texture.  With this kind of texture, hopsack fabric is considered to having a rough surface and finish.  Hopsack fabric is commonly used in the manufacture of various items including clothing, bags, curtains, furniture covers and many others.

One great property of hopsack fabric is its rugged and rough feel.  With this particular property, many people use hopsack fabric in making curtains and furniture covers, for example.  In the case of curtains, the weaving in hopsack is loose, and this results in allowing some air to pass through the fabric. This is especially beneficial for people who want to have an airy feel to their windows despite the installation of hopsack-made curtains.  The weaving involved makes it soft and comfortable enough but still lends durability and toughness.  Despite everyday use, furniture that is covered with hopsack fabric will be able to last for a long time.

Another great property of hopsack fabric is that it can easily be washed and dries very quickly.  For people who use hopsack curtains or chair and bed covers, for example, washing them should not create a big concern.  Since the fibers are loosely woven, hopsack bed sheets and curtains are still light enough to be washed properly.  One doesn’t need to have the most powerful clothes dryer to speed up the drying process.  Instead, the heat from the sun is what it takes for the hopsack fabric to dry easily after washing.

With its associated durability, despite the loose weaving, some people also use hopsack fabric in pieces of clothing. Others also turn them into bags and other accessories.

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