What is Homecoming?

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What is Homecoming?

Traditionally, institutions welcome back former member, residents or alumni. This tradition is also known as the homecoming. Family members long gone and welcomed back are also a form of homecoming. It is a common tradition to many universities and colleges, and the same goes for high schools. Homecoming sponsored by universities, colleges and high schools is celebrated annually with programs and sometimes parade through the town.

In the United States, homecoming is an annual tradition for people, towns, high schools and colleges. The celebration is usually held during late September of early October. Football is a famous sport in every school in the United States. Oftentimes, a game of American football plays part of a homecoming. Such other sports enjoyed are basketball, ice hockey, or soccer.

Banquet is also prepared for everyone and parade is always an attraction. The school’s marching band always plays during the parade. The event would not be complete without the coronation of the Homecoming Queen and King. Usually, a dance is enjoyed at the latter part of the gathering.

Since the mid 19th century, homecomings are celebrated. It originated from universities and colleges alumni football games. According to records, University of Missouri has its history of homecoming dating back to 1891. However, the University of Missouri Homecoming was centered on parade and football game.

On the other hand, another university has its own old homecoming record dating back at 1909, Baylor University. The university is located at Waco, Texas and it was considered the first homecoming with parade, and reunion parties. As usual, the famous football game follows on the afternoon.

There are several traditions being celebrated in a homecoming. Homecoming court is one tradition that most universities never miss. Students on their senior year are the usual candidates for the Homecoming King and Queen. In single-gender schools, only a King or Prince (all male) or Queen or Princess (all female) is nominated.

Parade is one of the attractions in a homecoming. The school marching bands and the sports teams tour around the school premises or sometimes across the town. Floats are prepared and some ride on convertible cars.

Tailgate party is also part of the homecoming tradition. It is a social event held on an open tailgate of a car or vehicle. This party usually involves grilling of food and drinking alcoholic beverages. Homecoming visitors do tailgating to loosen up and have more fun. In some cases a simple picnic without the alcoholic drinks make a good alternative to tailgate party.

Dress-up days are also part of the homecoming tradition in most universities in the United States. Typically, students are allowed to wear clothing that matches the theme for the homecoming. Dress-up days is sometimes called as the ‘Spirit Week’. The attire would certainly depend on the day’s theme. For example if it is the cowboy day, then students would wear clothing similar to that of a real cowboy.

The homecoming dance is usually done at the latter part of the homecoming event. Usually it begins in the afternoon until the wee hours in the morning. Large universities need large venue for the dance. Usually, the dance is held at stadiums or gymnasiums. Moreover, different student organizations handle the event for such homecoming dance is not that easy to facilitate.

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