What is HNC equivalent to?

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What is HNC equivalent to?

‘HNC’ refers to the ‘Higher National Certificate,’ a type of certification for people who may want to get a degree or higher education in the U.K.  Having a Higher National Certificate is equivalent to a Level 4 course or the first year of a standard bachelor’s degree.  When one has gotten an HNC in a particular course, he/she may choose to get certified to the next level (Level 5) and get an HND or Higher National Diploma.

Higher National Certificates are offered by various colleges and universities across the U.K. with a wide variety of courses including the performing arts, hospitality courses, computer and IT programs, healthcare, and business courses, among many others.  But as with other certificates and diplomas, getting an HNC also has prerequisite courses and qualifications. Those who enroll to get an HNC may choose to attend classes full time or part time depending on one’s availability, convenience, and preference.  For those who can find the time for a full-time education, any HNC course may be finished within a year.  One year with an HNC is equivalent to the first year of a standard degree.  Those who may not be able to devote their full time to HNC classes and activities, a part-time schedule may be chosen, and this may take about two years to complete.

The assessment and screening in any HNC course usually involves various assignments and project-based activities. All of this classwork is to be completed throughout the duration of the chosen HNC course.  After course completion, students or candidates are evaluated and given their appropriate marks. For instance, when the student wants an improved mark on the whole course or on a certain project or activity, a test retake may be requested for this specific purpose.  One just has to coordinate with his/her teacher in order to schedule a retest. After getting an HNC, one may actually try to find work immediately as the courses are focused on job skills training rather than on theory.  Other people may also choose to proceed to the next level and get a Higher National Diploma, which is equivalent to the second year of a degree.

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