What is History?

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What is History? ‘“ Learn about Its Popular Areas of Study

Anything that has something to do with the study of the past is history. The word was derived from the Greek word ‘historia’ that means knowledge obtained by research or in simple term, ‘inquiry’. The study of history is relevant to the problems of the present. This is why history is an important field of study.

Early historians have introduced several areas of study in history. Below are some of the well-known areas of study:


Since history focuses on past events, historians found a way to organize the study of the past. All past events occurred in a particular blocks of time. These blocks of time made the presentation of history more organized and easy to understand by giving names to certain periods.

History of the World

Almost every university curriculum around the globe studies world history. The study of world history includes major civilizations across the globe that has significant impact to the present time.

Regional History

This study is much more like the world history. However, it specifically targets an exact region in the world. Examples of regional history are:

History of Australia which focuses on the trading of Makassar to the Indigenous Australians
History of South Asia, which shows the study of the past of the Sub-Himalayan region passed down from generations.

History of Geographical Locations

Almost similar to regional history, geographical locations are much smaller and more targeted places where significant events or civilizations occurred. One good example of this area of study is the Egyptian civilization built in the banks of the Nile River.

Military History

Military history has something to do with the study of conflicts within human society. It includes military tactics and weaponry. It can be history of a war between small tribes or as history as huge as the World Wars.

Social and Cultural History

This area of study pertains to how people from a certain society adapted to changes over generations. It also includes different cultures, norms, customs and arts of the different societies.

Political or Diplomatic History

Politics has been in existence since the first civilization was discovered. It studies past relations between nations and even rulers of small tribes. Political history plays an important role in determining how past rulers affect the present situation of a nation or country.

History of the People

This area of study is like world history but focuses on the people in certain locations of the world. Usually, this type of history depicts stories of mass movement. One good example is the People Power Revolution in the Philippines that happened on 1986. The People Power Revolution will be a good reference to understand the current political situation in the Philippines.


History will always be an important part of every generation. It is a good reference to anything about what present generation wants to understand about their current situation. Everything has its own past and through history, people learn. History makes what the current generation has today. This is why we should give importance to the study of history.

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