What is Hijack?

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What is Hijack?
Hijacking usually refers to hijacking of an aircraft. Hijack of an aircraft is known under the terms sky jacking and sky controlling. An aircraft is said to be hijacked when it is seized by an individual or group of individuals. Hijacking is unlawful.

The passengers of the high jacked plane are commonly used as hostages by the hijackers for monetary ransom. The anti hijacking policies vary with countries. Cockpit doors are made bullet resistant to prevent the attack of hijackers. Hijacking is usually carried out by experienced criminals. Now extensive training is being given to pilots and crew members on how to counteract hijack.

Carjacking refers to stealing a motor vehicle when it is occupied. The intention of this act is mainly robbery while aircraft hijack does not intend to steal anything from the passengers. The first carjacking was reported in 1990.Carjackings have occurred all over the world including South Africa, USA and United Kingdom. In USA carjacking is regarded as a crime. Truck hijack refers to taking of a truck by force. Hijacking can also refer to computer hijacking. Computer hijacking occurs when someone else takes control of your computer. This is dangerous to the owner of the computer as well as millions of internet users all over the world. Antivirus programs can prevent this attack to a certain extent. Maritime hijacking refers to an act of robbery at sea. This is also known under the name maritime piracy. It is somewhat similar to a war.

The sudden modification of a browser without the knowledge of the user is known as browser hijacking. Some browser hijacking conditions are irreversible while some can be rectified easily. In such cases user is not taken to the requested site but he is taken to another site. There was also a band named hijack in London. They gained popularity during the 1990’s.

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