What is higher education?

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Higher education typically refers to the education for tertiary level. Tertiary level of education has two categories according to the international definition of what tertiary level is. These two categories are higher education and further education.

Higher education refers to the college or university courses that are typically completed within three or four years. Those who enroll in higher education take courses that will prepare them to join the professional field of their choice. A diploma for tertiary level qualifies anyone who wishes to become working professionals.

Higher education and further education explained

Universities and colleges may vary in the administration as well as curriculum for tertiary education. Some would offer higher national diplomas or honors degrees.

Further education pertains to the education received after finishing higher education in the tertiary level.

There are three terms often used to discuss higher education. These are baccalaureate, master and doctorate.

Bachelor’s degree refers to the undergraduate academic degree given for a major or a course that, usually, takes three to four years to complete. For example, a person who has completed all the course work for an undergraduate Economics degree will have a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Master’s degree pertains to the academic degree given to those who complete a graduate or post graduate course. It, usually, takes anywhere from one to three years to complete the course work for a master’s degree. Some universities may opt to offer a ladder program where students can take their master’s degree right after earning their bachelors degree by adding one more year filled with advance courses to the academic load.

A person who wishes to enroll in a doctorate program will need to get a master’s degree first.

Doctorate is the highest academic degree. There are three kinds of doctorate degrees, first professional (applicable to the US only), research and honorary.

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