What is Hibachi?

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Hibachi is a Japanese term that refers to a traditional unique heating device that uses charcoal as its main source of fire. To hold the charcoal, it is designed in a cylindrical or box-shaped topped container that is braced with heatproof materials. It works like a stove and comes in a variety of colors. Its first usage can be traced back to the ancient times of Heian period during 798-1185 AD. History also says that Hibachi originally came from China and was later on adopted by the Japanese. Japanese also use Hibachi interchangeably with shichirin, a term referring to a small ceramic pot that is also used for cooking.

The old types of Hibachi is mainly made of cypress wood and lined with clay because of the lack of metal materials. Nevertheless, Hibachi is also used in Western countries like the United States. In northern America, Hibachi refers to a tiny stove heated by charcoal. It is also known as iron hot plate and may be found in specialty restaurants or teppanyaki restaurants.

The Hibachi is one of the best ways to grill food. Since it is small and portable, some restaurants featuring Hibachi cooking allow their customer to grill their own food in their own table. These may include grilling meats, fish, and vegetables to heating communal soups and stews.

Hibachi is also a fun way to cook during picnic and camping. In fact, Hibachi is one of the first few things that campers should bring before a journey to the outdoors. The Hibachi is not so stereotypical when it comes to charcoal. Anyone who wants to do Hibachi cooking may use hardwood or paper charcoal on a flat and stable surface. Hibachis are also sold in US with metal sheet or iron casting at a very reasonable price.

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