What is HHH?

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What is HHH?
HHH refers to the Hash House Harriers, a group involved in running activities, socializing, and drinking. It is an international organization open to every person who wishes to participate in mostly non-competitive running activities and other social events. The event or group participants are called “Hashers” while the event or run itself is called a “Hash” or “Hash Run”.

The concept of this international group evolved from hares and hounds. The hares represent the runners who set the trail for others to follow. The hounds meanwhile represent the main group of runners who follow the set trail and chase the other runners (hares). And as with all running events, friendship and socializing takes a big part. All people from all ages and different backgrounds can join the fun. Various clubs and organizations are scattered all over the world so one person can find the nearest club to join in the running and social drinking events.

HHH actually started in Malaysia back in 1938 by some British ‘expats’ and colonial officers. They started with evening running events usually every Monday to basically burn off extra calories taken during the weekend. To date, there are about 1,954 hash organizations all over the world. These Hash Groups are located in 1,273 cities in more than 180 countries. The main reason for this group’s creation is basically to promote friendship along with physical exercise. Back in 1950, an official constitution was created for the international organization. Part of this constitution emphasized that the organization aims to promote physical fitness, get rid of possible hangovers during the weekend, satisfy thirst with beer, and to convince older members that they are younger than how they feel. Their constitution goes to show that HHH indeed is not just involved in organizing running events, but it also involves a lot of socializing activities.

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