What is HGH?

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What is HGH?
HGH refers to the Human Growth Hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary glands located in the brain. This hormone is said to be responsible for making people youthful in terms of energy, looks, and vitality. It is considered a vital hormone for many important bodily functions like tissue repair, brain and enzyme activities, and cell replacement.

Naturally, this hormone is produced by the pituitary glands from birth up to old age. In the younger years, this hormone helps in proper growth and development. But research has shown that levels of HGH or human growth hormone will rapidly decline by the time a person reaches his/her 30s. With this decline in HGH levels, signs of aging will become more apparent. Energy will be reduced while the skin will start to have wrinkles. Bone density will also decrease along with some weight gain. These incidents are the very reason that people clamor for HGH supplementation. Though not strongly proven as effective, the administration of HGH through injections is said to reverse the aging process.

Injectable HGH is usually prescribed by licensed physicians. The administration of HGH is regulated to protect people from abusing the said injections. But homeopathic versions of HGH can be purchased at various drugstores without prescription. This version is said to be most effective if it has a dilution value of 30x.

Homeopathic HGH’s effect on the body may not be noticed immediately. Some may take months to notice any changes in their “youthfulness”. People also claim that taking HGH helps them to have better sleep, along with the supposed youthful effects. Homeopathic HGH is also said to be effective in promoting weight loss and increasing muscle mass. These wonderful effects that make people feel and look younger are the reasons that make HGH supplements popular. Care must be taken though to take the supplement as directed to avoid any complication.

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