What is HFMA?

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HFMA or Healthcare Financial Management Association is a non-profit group among member executives and financial managers of the healthcare financial management industry.  Members that are admitted into the organization are typically chief accountants, financial controllers, or chief financial officers in the healthcare industry.  Through this organization, official members can get access to various benefits including educational and guidance programs for better financial management in their respective companies or fields. The main goal of this non-profit organization is to provide its members with the necessary resources in the industry of healthcare finance.

Members of HFMA will have access to seminars and conferences that help them learn new developments in the healthcare industry, particularly on the financial and operations aspect.  The HFMA aims to help financial leaders and managers from different healthcare facilities so that they may improve on their company’s overall business and financial performance.  Educational tools are provided for financial leaders and decision makers in the form of online seminars and internet learning modules.  These learning options are very  much beneficial to HFMA members who have hectic schedules.  With the help of online courses, access to vital information in the financial aspect of the healthcare industry is made easy.

Through HFMA, members will get the latest trends in financial planning and strategies.  Various lessons in other financial aspects will also be given out in the form of bulletins, newsletters, and magazines.  If some members for example need help in terms of managing healthcare services cost, they can attend conferences or virtual seminars for this specific purpose. For the tech savvy member, mobile applications are also available to help them with their needs. All members of the Health Financial Management Association will also be given valuable information not only on the financial aspect but also on the new developments in patient care and other health services issues.

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