What is hegemonic power?

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Hegemonic power refers to power, status, or influence towards others in an indirect manner. If applied in a society or group of people for example, hegemonic power is typically assumed by a dominant group from within. If a certain group has a certain influence over the other groups within one society, then this kind of influence may be labelled as hegemonic power. The influence towards other people is somewhat indirect because power is not forced on the other groups. The dominance over other groups results not from force or coercion but rather on other things such as wealth, resources, or knowledge.

In societies wherein there are different types of people in terms of socio-economic status and wealth for example, those who are rich are considered to have hegemonic powers or infuence towards their poorer counterparts. The fact that these people have all the money and resources simply means that those who are poor may indirectly gravitate toward them in terms of inspiration or support. The wealthy group can basically do whatever they want because they can afford to buy the things they want and need. The poor people meanwhile may become dependent on the rich people and therefore creating an indirect form of influence by the rich group towards the poorer group. This kind of influence is not coerced or forced on people but rather came indirectly and later assumed by those who are wealthy.

In the case of countries around the world, industrialized nations like the US and Canada for example are also considered to have hegemonic powers over developing countries because these powerful countries have strong influence over several world issues and concerns like economics, trade, and health concerns for example. The US for example do not necessarily have to invade or force people from some Asian countries for example in order to stamp its power but rather assumed some kind of inherent influence because of its resources and experience.

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