What is Heaven?

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What is Heaven?
People often learn about heaven through religions. Religions commonly define heaven as a destination, where people go to continue their existence after dying. In short, people are given an afterlife in heaven. Heaven is frequently described as the holiest place where a person could possibly be. Heaven is always associated with a divine entity called God.

The word heaven was believed to come from an earlier English spelling heven. This notion was attested in 1159. Due to the development of the languages, the word heven had been spelled as heaven. The word was also used to refer to the sky. Actually, majority of the languages consider the word heaven as the same as the word sky.

Heaven is mostly debated by different religions. Various religions speak on the subject of heaven differently. Each religion has their own version of heaven or how people can get to this holy place. However, most religions may agree to one thing; that people will be able to go to heaven on the condition that they have lived a ‘good life’ on Earth. ‘Good life’ refers to the spiritual aspects of human life. However, not all religions believe that a person has to live a perfectly good life to be able to enter heaven. Protestant Christians, to be exact, believe that a person’s faith that Jesus Christ is his savior is enough to get him a pass to heaven.

The opposite of heaven is hell which is also believed by many religions. Hell is the place for people who did not get to reach the place called heaven. Hell is very prominent in Christianity as the place for people to pay for the bad deeds they did on their previous life. Christians describe hell as a place similar to a sea of fire. Souls are burned but will never die. Hell is like a torture den where everyone feels unending pain as consequences of having lived a bad or evil spiritual life.

Some religions also believe that there is still another place for the soul other that heaven and hell. Purgatory is believed to be the place for people who are not acceptable to both heaven and hell. On the other hand there are some who believe that heaven is the ultimate place where everyone ends ‘“ no exceptions. No matter how a person lived his life on Earth, he will still directly go to heaven for his afterlife.

However, not all people believe in religions. Since heaven is always associated with God, there are people who totally throw away the idea that God do exists. Therefore, these people also believe that there is no such place as heaven. The best examples of such people who do not believe in heaven are the atheists.

Atheists argue that there is no such thing as God. They believe that people are not created by one powerful entity called God. Atheists argue that heaven is just a motivational tool used by religion to direct people to do good things or to believe in God that they do not see, feel or hear. Atheists argue that people do not need God or heaven to do good things or to have moral behaviors. Despite the arguments and debates, majority of the people still believe that heaven do exists.

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