What is HDWA?

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The HDWA or Healthcare Data Warehousing Association is a group among healthcare service organizations who have existing or plan to implement a data warehousing project for all relevant healthcare data.  In the healthcare industry, data warehousing is considered a very important and crucial part in terms of organization efficiency and service delivery.  The HDWA basically serves as a venue for all players in the healthcare industry to discuss among themselves existing solutions and concerns regarding various data warehousing projects.  Ideas and experiences are basically shared by member healthcare organizations in terms of data warehousing implementation and overall business intelligence.

Data warehousing or the effective and systematic centralization of data in the healthcare industry is very much needed and desired for better service delivery.  A typical data warehousing project will contain tons of historical and recent medical records like patient histories, laboratory results, doctors’ requests, and even medical insurance claims.  All these data basically need to be stored in the most organized way possible to ensure that retrieval of details is made easy and that the best healthcare service can be provided.  Records under data warehousing projects in the healthcare industry can also be used to make important decisions in terms of patient services, organization goals, and strategic marketing plans.  Through the Health Data Warehousing Association, organizations that have already implemented their own data centralization project can share their experiences and concerns to those who are still in the process of implementing a new data project.

The best thing about the HDWA is that no fees are collected to be able to join the forum or group.  Being part of the healthcare industry is the only requirement and hospitals, clinics, and laboratories for example may join the association to get the best insider tips regarding data warehousing projects.  Member organizations may also get updates in the field of data warehousing in terms of acquisition costs, maintenance concerns, project support, and the latest features that may be applicable to some member healthcare organizations.

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