What is HDMI?

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What is HDMI?

There have been major advances in entertainment over the past couple of years. Technology has been greatly improved to ensure the delivery of high quality entertainment to audiences. Picture and audio quality is constantly going up to higher levels and things are expected to get even better as far as quality is concerned. Both domestic as well as commercial entertainment devices such as TV, home entertainment units and projectors have undergone significant improvements that continue to take place. In the area of picture display and audio quality, HDMI has caused a huge transformation in the way we consume our entertainment.

HDMI is short for High Definition Media Interface. It is a modern technology that is applied in the transmission of uncompressed audio and video data in digital format. By eliminating the need for data compression as well as maintaining the original digital source signal, HDMI delivers a rich and sharp picture as well as excellent quality audio. When compared to the analogue formats that have previously been employed in transmission of audio and video signals, there is a very big difference in the quality delivered. This is because the analogue signals require conversion and compression that not only reduce integrity and distort picture as well as sound but also negatively impact the overall quality delivered to the audience.

HDMI is transmitted by use of a single high capacity cable that operates at up to ten gigabytes per second which is more than four times the capacity normally required for such processes. This means that the technology is going to remain applicable for sometime to come as it can accommodate increased capacity requirements. There are four types of HDMI with a standard one that is commonly known as Type A being mostly used for domestic and other small scale purposes. It has 19 wires wrapped within the cable and 19 pins in the connector. The second is known as Type B and this is normally used in commercial undertakings such as cinemas. Type B HDMI has 29 wires and pins which translate to greater capacity. Type C also has 19 wires and pins though there is a slight variation in configuration which allows for it to be applied in portable devices. Type D HDMI is normally used in automotive application.

Those looking to enjoy a high quality experience in all forms of entertainment will find that the use of HDMI makes a lot of sense. It supports almost all video formats as well as offering a better experience for those who are looking for higher standards when using their game consoles. HDMI also reduces cable clutter by transmitting through a single cable as opposed to previous options which required multiple cables. With HDMI it is also possible to connect a wider range of devices to you home theater for a high definition experience. Through the application of this intelligent technology connected devices are able to scan each other and read capabilities so as to adjust to the settings that will best work with the other device. HDMI delivers greatly improved entertainment through sharper pictures, richer audio and faster games.

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