What is HDCP?

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What is HDCP?
It has been said that knowledge is power, when someone else takes your knowledge they are actually taking your power. Your power here includes your power to earn, to gain recognition, to help others, to maintain a good reputation as well as several other areas. It is wrong for some people to simply take the hard work of others and begin using it as they wish without compensation or permission. Intel has been one of the leading technology firms we have that is involved in the creation of a number of solutions which include those relating to security. They have been involved in the development of several important technologies that include HDCP.

With ever increasing reports of data theft by fraudsters, there has been an urgent need to develop technologies that secure data. This has been one of the most venerable points for those who have high value data and the introduction of HDCP provided great relief. HDCP is an abbreviation for High Bandwidth Content Protection which is protective technology meant to ensure the safe delivery of data without chances of interception or copying. HDCP requires authentication as well as keyexchange between the source of data as well as the recipient before allowing the delivery of data. The process requires the use of HDCP products that include a digital source, a digital cable and a digital recipient. If any of these components is not compliant there can be no signal transferred. All data sent from the source is encrypted and the recipient requires a key to decrypt it for display.

The technology is mainly used in home entertainment systems such as DVD players, HDTV and cable. There is reduced quality in the output of any of these devices if they are used with non HDCP devices. Some people have had situations where after buying new entertainment devices such as home theaters, they would not work with the TV. This is likely because of the non compatibility of the two where the home theater could be HDCP compliant while the TV is not. Companies involved in the production of entertainment content are quickly adapting the use of HDCP so as to protect their copyrighted materials from copying. Some of these companies include Walt Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment. With more producers of content taking on the technology it will be important to ensure that devices bought in future are HDCP compliant as it may become an industry standard in the future.

HDCP is compatible across versions which means that as long as the device you have has the technology, you can use it with other compatible devices that may be using newer versions of the technology. Due to its ability to effectively offer protection to data from source to display, HDCP has become quite popular with distributors as well as producers. The newer versions of the technology can actually be transmitted without the need for wires. Next time you are shopping for home entertainment, remember to ask about HDCP compliant devices.

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