What is HDB?

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What is HDB?
HDB or Housing Development Board is the agency that is responsible for developing public housing projects in Singapore. The HDB operates under Singapore’s Ministry of National Development and is in-charge of clearing away squatters in a particular area and providing for resettlement options for these people, usually in state-built housing projects.

Through continuous research and development programs, the HDB is tasked to provide housing town projects to all residents of Singapore. But the agency is not limited to simply providing for the location and the housing facilities; it is also tasked to make sure that the convenience and quality of life of the residents are well taken cared of. With this in mind, the HDB also takes care of planning for commercial, social, and recreational facilities that are to be made available to residents of a particular HDB town project. So basically, each town developed by this agency will provide for the basic services of its residents. People will have a place to shop for goods and a place for rest and recreation. Various stores will be put up for the different needs of residents and there will also be facilities and services for fun and recreation. And for towns and communities that are already old, the HDB also ensures that existing facilities and structures are improved along with the introduction of new features and developments to always keep a particular town vibrant and relevant.

Another task of the HDB is to provide a space for community-based activities. Housing units and towns are planned and developed to have areas where residents can interact with each other. In this way, the housing projects developed by the agency will not only provide for the shelter needs of Singaporeans but will also try to help people to have a space for socializing and perhaps form cohesive communities.

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