What is HCT auto?

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‘HCT auto’ refers to a blood test to determine the levels of hematocrit as analyzed by an automated machine.  Most people refer to this test simply as HCT rather than HCT auto since most people don’t exactly know how their blood samples are analyzed.  When the HCT or hematocrit result is indicated with an “auto” label, then it simply refers to the automated machine used for analysis.  This is opposite to the manual analysis done through a centrifuge.  ‘Hematocrit’ represents the volume of red blood cells in a person’s blood which is composed of other substances like white blood cells, platelets, and hemoglobin.  As for the normal values of HCT, a 45% RBC concentration is normal for adult men, and 40% is the norm for adult women.  There are also different normal values for newborn babies, and it is also normal for the baby’s HCT levels to go down as he/she grows up.

High or low HCT auto counts may be significant indicators of an illness.  In the case of higher values than the normal range, it may be a sign of various medical ailments including dengue fever and hypoxia-related pulmonary disorders among many others.  Severe dehydration is also said to contribute to higher-than-normal HCT levels.  People with polycythemia vera and capillary leak syndrome may also have abnormally high HCT results.  As for lower than normal HCT levels, this may be a sign of anemia, internal hemorrhage, or some kind of kidney disease. In the case of anemia, there are also various causes that lead to this condition.  The most common conditions that lead to anemia are: iron deficiency, loss of blood due to trauma or surgery, problems in the bone marrow or kidneys.  Whether the HCT count is higher or lower than normal, immediate medical attention is advised.  In order to get one’s HCT levels, one may need to request his/her doctor to go to a laboratory and provide a blood sample.

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