What is HC03?

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HC03 is the chemical formula for bicarbonates. These are substances that are formed from the removal of protons from the main substance called carbonic acid. When ions Of opposite charges come in contact with each other, it will result in the formation of bicarbonate salts. These salts are typically water-soluble given that the conditions are standard. This simply means that any bicarbonate salt may easily dissolve in water under standard conditions in terms of temperature and pressure.

In the internal confines of the human body, bicarbonates are the ones that help regular ph levels in the small intestine area. Through the action of the pancreas, these alkaline components are released as the hormone called secretin will try to stabilize the action of the substance chyme which is very acidic. With this action of the pancreas, bicarbonates are then produced and therefore normal ph levels in the small intestines will be restored. In the same way, bicarbonates also help maintain the balance of acidity and alkalinity of the blood. With bicarbonates around, the blood stream will have an effective buffer system in controlling or maintaining ph levels.

In its salt form, the most common bicarbonate is sodium bicarbonate. Most people know this substance as the household baking soda. When baking soda is mixed with some kind of acid, carbon dioxide will then be released. This is what happens when vinegar is used during baking of breads and pastries. When the purpose is to help the flour expand and grow bigger, leavening agents are then used and these baking ingredients are typically made from a mixture of bicarbonate with some acidic substance. With the release of air or carbon dioxide from the bicarbonate’s reaction to acid, the dough will then rise or expand during the baking process. Aside from baking and cooking, baking soda is also commonly used as a cleaning agent. Some household cleanings contain this particular ingredient as it is effective against minor stains.

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