What is HBHB?

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‘HBHB’ stands for ‘Healthy Babies, Healthy Business,’ and it refers to a healthcare program created and initiated by the March of Dimes.  This program intends to help people learn more about proper baby care and health-related issues. The basic point of HBHB is for people, especially those employed, who will make the best and right choices in terms of healthcare.  All of these points are geared towards the prevention of premature births which is quite common in the U.S. and the rest of the world.  Through the HBHB program, pregnant women can have access to various tools and information regarding their babies’ health and their own health through various products, services, and even online applications.

One great feature of the Healthy Babies, Healthy Business program is that the educational tools it offers can easily be integrated into corporate Websites and pages.  This simply means that workers for a particular company can have free and easy access to various pieces of information relating to pregnancy and healthcare.  The HBHB program also provides various pieces of information on their Websites so that pregnant women from any part of the country or the world can have access to information which may help them stay healthy and prevent sickness or disease which could later lead to the premature birth of their baby.

HBHB also offers an online community wherein women can talk with others regarding certain healthy concerns that are experienced during pregnancy.  An email line is also provided for people who have questions regarding their own pregnancy and health.  Through the HBHB program, pregnant women can also check various detailed informational articles regarding the whole nine months of being pregnant.  These educational tools are available online and in printed versions.  All of these pieces of information are given for free in hopes that women will make healthier choices for themselves and their babies.  With better health decisions, premature births may also be prevented.

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